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Assistant training day £75

Photography tuition £25ph

Photoshop tuition £25ph

The traditional route into professional photography is as an assistant. However many photographers wont use someone who has no experience. So how do you make yourself more hireable without experience?

Well we have the answer. All our in-house photographers have been Assistants .We don't teach you how to be a photographer we teach you how to be an assistant and how to be useful from day one. We make sure you're familiar with the kit you'll be expected you know setup and use.


During the day we'll go through the most commonly used lighting kit, cameras software. We'll also cover other assistants responsibilities -  communicating with clients basic, maintenance and best practices or "how not to break stuff that costs £££"


As part of the day you'll be working with photographers and other assistants to set up different shoots, test the lighting and make sure the set is ready to shoot.


Once you've completed the day we'll add you to our website as a new assistant and list you as available with a direct email link.


Don't forget this is NOT photographer training this is Assistant training.

Are you new to studio photography? Does studio lighting kit intimidate you? We can help.


Book yourself some studio time and at the same time book one of our photographers for tuition during your session. They'll help you with setting up your shoot, explain how the kit works, what kit is available and what its used for.


Once you're set up and ready to shoot the photographer can offer suggestions as to how you could possibly do things differently and how you can fix problems you might encounter during the shoot.  By the time your shoot is finished you'll feel happier with shooting in a studio but if you feel you need more time just shout and we'll happily help you until you're happy on your own.



Only half the job these days is physical photography the other half is work flow and retouch.


Would you like to lift your post production to the next level. Not happy with your cut outs? Do your portraits lack punch? Then talk to someone who can help.


We don't pretend to know everything about Photoshop but after 20 years using the Photoshop daily we're confident in using it and can probably help with any problems you might be having. We can show you where you might be going wrong, suggest different techniques and show you great non destructive workflows for you images.


If this is what you're after get in touch with us today to book some Photoshop tuition.